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This feature film inspired short is the directing debut of Jochen Isensee of Baden Württembergs film community.
Adnan G. Köse wrote and produced with his company New Dakota Independent Film Production of Nordrhein - Westphalia.
Steven Isensee co-produced with his company Isensee Film from Breisach. The film also earned another co producer in Gierich Film Licht Technik GmbH operating from Hildritzhausen.


From the Screenplay

The missing tooth, you are still missing that tooth.

Can you imagine, I am almost 65 years old and still have all my teeth aside from this one.

You bear a false identity and present yourself as a man of the world, yet this one missing tooth remains of your past life.

What are you implying?

The young office Walther Loose, the hardest and most brutal of the Skull Regiment until my grandfather knocks your tooth out. I always wondered why you did not kill him on he spot. But a long time ago I realized that you wanted him to suffer before you beat him to death in the fall of 1944.

I don't know your grandfather. In the fall,of 1944 I served on the eastern front. I was one of the few that survived the massacre of the Red Army.

You were never on the Eastern Front.  
You are lying. You were in Auschwitz/Birkenau


logo auf hell freigestellt

A short Chronicle of Murder

From the Screenplay

„The young officer Walther Loose, the hardest man in the death skull squadron, until my grandfather knocked out your tooth. I always wondered why you didn't kill him right there and then. But then i realized that you wanted him to suffer greatly  before you killed him. in the fall of 1944.“

Der Degustator

Aktuell in der Postproduktion!


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