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Produktion: New Dakota Independent Film Production

Produzent: Adnan G. Köse

Co-Produzent: Steffen Isensee

Co-Produktion: eazy Entertainment

Co-Produktion: Gierich Film Licht Technik

Regie: Jochen Isensee

Drehbuch: Adnan G. Köse
- nach seiner Short-Story „Eine kurze Geschichte über das Töten“

Marketing / Homepage: Martin Göbler


DOP: Rafael Grasse

Camera-Operator: Steffen Isensee

Camera-Assistent / Focus Puller: Maximilian Weber

DIT: Annika Hein

SCHNITT: Jochen Isensee, Adnan G. Köse, Steffen Isensee

COLOR GRADING: Steffen Isensee

FIRST AD: Holger Isensee

TON: Christoph Mysiakowski

BOOMER: Janik Hampe


MAKE-UP DESIGN: Elisabeth Dietrich-Fry

MUSIK: Peter Laupenmühlen

SETRUNNER: Daniel Wiens

CATERING: Zahner Feinkost Freiburg



Adnan G. Köse Leonard TrautmannHannes Liebmann Walther Loose

Marlene Haushälterin



Hotel Fini Resort Badenweiler

Kellner's Spa Badenweiler

Zahner Feinkost Freiburg

Verleih und Vertrieb

New Dakota Independent


Farbe, Digital, RED Dragon

Cinemascope, 2,35:1

Laufzeit ca. 25 Minuten

Drehort: Badenweiler


adnan koesesteffen isenseejochen insensee

Writer & Producer Statement

Adnan G. Köse:


Adnan Günter Köse (Adnan G. Köse), member of the German and European Film Academy, stems from a German-Turkish miner´s family in Lohberg on the river Rhein. After his A-levels he studied German Philology, History and American Philology at the Mercator University in Duisburg. At the acting school “Der Keller” in Cologne he studied acting and started his acting career at the city theatre in Oberhausen after his diploma in 1992. In between theatre work he focussed on additional training as a screenwriter and filmmaker, both in Germany and the US, by attending seminars and workshops and made his debut film in 1999. “My friend Balou” was a TV road movie with Hannelore Elster and Günter Lamprecht in the leading roles.
His most successful feature film up to date is the Anti Drug drama “Run for your life - from Junkie to Ironman” with Max Riemelt and Uwe Ochsenknecht as leading actors, produced by enigma film and distributed - like all his films - by Studiocanal. For the Chamber Philharmonic of Bremen, he wrote the opera “Sehnsucht nach Isfahan” in 2015 and had his debut as librettist. For Jakale film production he wrote the screenplay for “ENEME” (directed by Jakob Gisik) and as a casting director he cast the film with Udo Schenk, Thure Riefenstein and Adam Bousdoukus among others. At the moment he is working on a new screenplay “The last voyage”, funded by the film foundation NRW, together with co-author Peter Jamin.

How the idea to the film was conceived

In 2012 i wrote and produced, together with the Holocaust Museum of Bergen-Belsen a documentary about Fred Spiegel, who as a child was transported to Bergen-Belsen and was one of the few to survive the camp. His fate touched me deeply and inspired me to write "a short chronicle of Murder". At the premiere of the documentary I recounted Fred Spiegels story and received such positive feedback from the audience that was inspired to write and produce the film. 5 years later I adapted my own short-story to write the screenplay and produced the film with Hannes Liebmann and myself in the starring roles. 
Jochen Isensee made the film his directing debut.


Jochen Isensee:


Born in 1981 Jochen Isensee became a medical doctor in 2009. While specializing in anesthesiology he turned towards filmmaking and works succesfully as a producer and director for commercial ads and corporate films by now. ‚The Degustator‘ is his debut as a shortfilm filmmaker.

Directors Statement

Every single one of my films should become a film that people think about in order to make a change in both: the filmmaker and the spectator. With the genocide we deal with a topic that still is of current relevance that mankind is never allowed to forget. In this shortfilm I bring to debate one of the main questions: the question of guilt.


logo auf hell freigestellt

A short Chronicle of Murder

From the Screenplay

„The young officer Walther Loose, the hardest man in the death skull squadron, until my grandfather knocked out your tooth. I always wondered why you didn't kill him right there and then. But then i realized that you wanted him to suffer greatly  before you killed him. in the fall of 1944.“

Der Degustator

Aktuell in der Postproduktion!


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